120/240 Split Phase Transformer by Growatt

Growatt Split Phase Transformer

Signature Solar now offers the latest US Split Phase Auto Transformer by Growatt. This autotransformer takes Single Phase 240Vac (L/N) electricity output and creates true Split Phase 120Vac/120Vac (L/L/N). This addition to our line sheet increases safety and ease of use for the user with designated input and output locations to simplify connecting this transformer to your system. 

Unlike other transformers on the market, this unit makes it virtually impossible to allow an open ground within your load center. By providing your single-phase inverter the autotransformer as a ‘pass through’ we are completely removing any chance of the transformer tripping prior to an inverter in any non-standard event. By separating the incoming inverter power from the outgoing split phase power from autotransformer, we have eliminated the possibility of independent transformer trips due to overload. This also allows for the addition of a breaker between the inverter and transformer that will completely disable any output in the event of any non-standard occurrence. 

This new design comes enclosed in a professionally designed case, ready to mount on the wall or wherever you need it. We have improved the access by allowing you to open the front (note: only open this device when the power source is disconnected or off) to easily set up your connections. The clearly marked wiring diagram guides you through exactly where you will need to plug your inverter in, as well as showing the output of the device in an easy to read and understand image. Please note, the maximum imbalance between L1/L2 is 2500W (E.g. 1250/3750 L1/L2) purchase two if you believe your needs will exceed. 

We will continue to document and promote this as our recommended pairing to the Off-Grid 5kW ES Off Grid Inverter/Charger.