11.1kW Microinverter Grid Tie Kit with Bifacial Monocrystalline Solar Panels

The Signature Solar 11.1kW Rapid Shut Down compliant Micro-Inverter Grid-Tie System is created around the | BDM-600 2 panel microinverters | 30PCS OF 370W URE Bifacial Mono-crystalline Panels | Monitoring Gateway | AC Trunk Cable | Trunk Cable Adapter and End Caps. 

The heart of this solar system is The BDM-600 is designed to support either one or two 60 or 72 cell modules in a grid-ted PV system consists of PV panels, grid-ted inverter and junction boxes. The DC output from the PV panels is converted into AC energy and fed back to the grid through the BDM-600. The BDM-600 also provides effective anti-islanding isolation between the PV module and AC grid output.


*NEC 2020 Section 690.11 DC Arc-Fault Circuit Protection
*NEC 2020 Section 690.12 Rapid Shutdown of PV Systems on Buildings
*NEC 2020 Section 705.12 Point of Connection (AC Arc-Fault Protection)

Certifications: UL1741, SAA, TUV, VDE-AR-N 4105, VDE 0126, G83/2, CEL 021, IEC61727, EN50438, ABNT NBR 6149/16150

RAPID SHUT DOWN DEVICES (RSD) are typical and often mandatory for any residential installations through National Electrical Code (NEC). The RSD automatically shuts down a PV system by cutting all electricity when triggered. It also ensures that your solar system will not be able to back feed if the grid goes down.

METAL & ASPHALT ROOF RACKING: This integrated roof mounting kit is a painless, easy installation. Fewer components allow flexibility with your solar array design. These work with all standard module frames, no special grooves or pieces required. Integrated grounding up to 300 modules. These meet or exceed the roofing industry's best practices.