8.6kW Microinverter Grid Tie Kit with Black Framed Monocrystalline Solar Panels 

The Signature Solar 8.6kW Grid Tie System is created around the | 1200W 240V Grid-Tie 4 panel Micro Inverter by APS | 24 Solarever 360W Black Framed Mono-crystalline Panels | Remote Monitoring Gateway | Trunk Cables and End Caps. 

The heart of this solar system is The QS1. A four-module, high-power microinverter for residential applications. QS1 offers 300% faster installation time, while offering the highest peak output power and up to 3X faster transmission speed than conventional microinverters. A wider MPPT voltage range will result in a greater energy harvest for homeowners.

The first of its kind, the QS1 is designed to accommodate today’s high output PV panels, offer enhanced capability and significantly reduce installation time and costs while providing an unprecedented level of power with four independent MPPT per channel. APSystems provides a 10 year warranty and on-call technical support for this design. If you have any questions, give us a call (903 441-2090)
*Please note, these estimates are taken from a national average. If you would like to see specific solar energy averages for your address please visit PVWatts Calculator (nrel.gov)