5.18kW Microinverter Grid Tie Kit with Black Framed Monocrystalline Solar Panels 

The Signature Solar 5.18kW Grid Tie System is created around the | BDM-600 2 panel microinverters | 14 URE Bifacial Mono-crystalline Panels | Monitoring Gateway | AC Trunk Cable | Trunk Cable Adapter and End Caps. 

The heart of this solar system is The BDM-600 is designed to support either one or two 60 or 72 cell modules in a grid-ted PV system consists of PV panels, grid-ted inverter and junction boxes. The DC output from the PV panels is converted into AC energy and fed back to the grid through the BDM-600. The BDM-600 also provides effective anti-islanding isolation between the PV module and AC grid output. If you have any questions, give us a call (903 441-2090)
*Please note, these estimates are taken from a national average. If you would like to see specific solar energy averages for your address please visit PVWatts Calculator (nrel.gov)